Seasonal Eating Guide: Summer

Seasonal Eating Guide: Summer
Seasonal Eating Guide: Summer

Seasonal eating is something that I don’t take advantage of nearly enough, purely because I don’t always remember what’s in season. These days we are able to get certain fruits and veggies year-round, so why would we need to remember to eat in season? Well, there’s actually some huge benefits in doing so. 


-You save money. The produce is at it’s peak season and it’s plentiful.

-You support local farmers.

-Your produce is fresher and therefore has a higher nutritional content by the time you get your hands on it.

-You get the specific nutrition your body needs based on the season. For example: more Vitamin C and warming foods like squash in the winter, and more carotenoid-filled fruit to protect us from sun damage in the summer.

-The produce tastes WAY better. I mean is there honestly anything better than fresh watermelon, strawberries, or peaches in the summertime? I certainly don’t think so.


Definitely don’t deny yourself things like apples, bananas, or fresh greens just because they’re not “in-season”. Obviously, it’s not always possible to eat in season. Same goes for organic food; sometimes it’s just not available! But when you can get your hands on local, in-season, organic produce go for it. 

I’ve created a cute little guide below to make seasonal eating easier this summer. You can print it out, take it to the store, pin it on your fridge, or just save it to your computer as a reference! Either way, I hope it helps you keep your body happy and thriving with fresh seasonal food. 🙂





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